Indochina tours- Know about the best Vietnam tour packages

Indochina Tours- Know About The Best Vietnam Tour Packages

Indochina tours- Know about the best Vietnam tour packages

Indochina tours- Know about the best Vietnam tour packages

A holiday is a time when people relax and get themselves rejuvenated. One of the worth exploring tours is the Southeast Asia tours. One can have the best of sightseeing availing the various kinds of Indochina tour packages or Vietnam holidays packages. Formerly known as Burma, Myanmar is a Southeast Asian nation bordering India, China, Bangladesh, Thailand, and Laos.

Myanmar tours or Burma tours- Get to know the details

Myanmar holidays are known as the visit to “The Golden Land”. The charming and ancient cities as Bagan and Mandalay are sure to enchant any person visiting there and the colonial architecture of Yangon is a treasure mine. This tour comprises of a Visit to the magnificent Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon, Discover the impressive wooden monastery of Bagaya Kyaung, Experience a lacquer ware workshop, Wander around the busy Nyaung Oo Market in Bagan. These trips usually take not more than a week. Seven to ten days leave would enough for covering all the tourist spots and discover the iconic places of this country.

Laos holidays- The Laos tour packages consist of a great itinerary.

Pick up one of Wotif’s excellent car hire in Vientiane and head to Pha That Luang, traveling to the capital, 4 km northeast of the city center. Parts of the stupa (burial site) were built here as early as the 3rd century BC to embed a piece of Buddha's breastbone. This shrine is the pride of the city covered in gold and with dragons guarding the steps. Nature lovers should schedule package tours to Laos’ to get adventuring on the Bolaven Plateau. Travel the national parks and lush forests, “fall” in love with the many waterfalls, meet the hill tribes and see where some of the world’s best coffee beans are grown.


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